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La Calíope 

space of creation

Dance academy;  we're committed to your body development through creativity and  joy.

We're located at Espacio La tregua and  2estones espacio, barrio de graciá. Barcelona, ES.

We believe that art is the best expression of the human being as the most truthful reflection of itself, as fount of knowledge to keep cultural traditions alive through time. Most of all we acknowledge the impact of culture and arts as a way of social transformation. Specially our millenary heritage: Dance.

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Benefits of contemporary dance and corporal expression.

The practice of dance and physical arts has a lot of benefits for body and mind equally. Ones of greatest benefits that we can name of are the followings:

  • Coordination sense development, strengthening the balance between both brain hemispheres: logic and creative.

  • Increases the self-esteem and self-security.

  • Exercises the memory skills and mind agility

  • Increases the digestive system health.

  • Develops the muscular strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and body awareness.

  • Relives the stress caused by daily routine. 

  • Develops the concentration and increases the mind focus.

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