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La Calíope emerging group located in Barcelona, made up of local members and from various countries; Carlota Vélez (Chile), Csilla Halász (Hungary), Davínia Descals Piña (Catalunya), Denise Lagier (Argentina), Francis Ochoa (Venezuela) and Eulàlia Izaguirre Aragonés (Catalunya)

The language is contemporary dance and physical theater.

The need to work together arose in the shared trainings of the APDC (Asociació per a ballarines professionals de Catalunya) in which we discovered that we had the same concern to develop a creative process. In February 2020 we began to move and generate common ideas on this topic.

The leadership initiative is taken by Csilla Halász with a new construction project that is in the process of being presented .

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Eulàlia Izaguirre Aragonés,

Graduated in professional dance training from the Anna Maleras school (2000).


From 2002 to 2007  She is a member of the cia. "From cap to peus".

Later, she projects her knowledge as a teacher at the Ramon Solé dance school, where she currently teaches.

Csilla Halász


Dancer and teacher of contemporary dance, classical ballet and corporal expression.


Professional training of higher degree in contemporary dance at the Dozsa Gyorgy Dance Institute. (Budapest, Hungary 2007-2012).


Dancer at Mu Terminal Dance Company. (Budapest, Hungary 2012-2017).

She worked with several choreographers from different countries: Adam Fejes, (HU) Jack Gallagher, (USA) Jens Bjerregaard, (DK) Thomas Noone (GB).


She is Currently coordinator, choreographer and educator in  La Calíope, espai de creació association .


Freelance dancer since 2017  in Barcelona.


She dances at the Mercat de les flors theater with the Thomas Noone company and in various artistic projects; video clips, video dance.


Within the association La Calíope, she opened the dance company and is creating her first work as a director, choreographer “Nőszemély”.   

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Denise lagier


Dancer and teacher graduated from the Isabel Taboga Provincial Dance Institute and the Nigelia Soria Provincial Dance School. (Rosario, Argentina).


She studied a Bachelor of Choreographic Composition at the National University of Arts. (Bs. As. Argentina).


She danced in various groups in Rosario, among them; The Workshop, Koi Ballet, Scar.


She currently teaches in several schools, including La Calíope, espai de creació.

Francis Ochoa Chacón


Graduated Bachelor of performing arts, mention dance at the University of Zulia (2013).


He is currently pursuing a Postgraduate Degree in Pedagogies of Performing Arts Itinerary Projects at the Vic Theater Institute, Spain.


From 2013 to 2016 she was a stable member of the Cia “Taller del Movimiento” under the direction of Maribel Márquez, also from 2011 to 2013 she was also part of the group “Tentempié danza theater” under the direction of Silvia Martínez and Martha Calderón.


Parallel from 2010 to 2012, she participated as a dancer in the Cia “Contemporary Dance of Maracaibo” under the direction of Yazmín Villavicencio, all located in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela.


She begins the projection of her knowledge as a dance and body expression teacher at the Taller del Movimiento dance school in Maracaibo, Venezuela (2011 - 2015).


She currently plays the role of vice president, teaching coordinator and dance teacher at La Calíope, espai de creació Association in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

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Carlota Veléz Fresard


Perform in dance with mention of body therapy. (2018)

Diploma in decontracting massage therapy and relaxation. (2017).


Hatha Yoga instructor in Tarragona (2019-2020).


She complements her training at Tanzfabrik (Berlin, Germany) with courses in somatic techniques and body awareness.


She's Currently an independent massage therapist, contemporary dance teacher, body awareness and Hatha Yoga private teacher.

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